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Guide - How to Answer: "Do You Want to Tell Us Anything Else About Yourself?"

Usually, at the end of the interview, the interviewers always ask us: "Do you want to tell us anything else about yourself?" or "Do you have anything else to add?" In this article, we will give a guide on why we’re asked this question and how we should answer this question.

Guide - How to Answer: "Do You Want to Tell Us Anything Else About Yourself?"

Usually, at the end of the interview, the interviewers always ask us: "Do you want to tell us anything else about yourself?" or "Do you have anything else to add?" This open-ended question can make or break an otherwise flawless interview performance. While it seems simple on the surface, the way you handle this query can reveal volumes about your preparedness, communication abilities, and overall fit for the role.

In this article, we will give a guide on why we’re asked a question like this and how we should answer this question.

Do You Want to Tell Us Anything Else About Yourself?

Too many candidates simply respond with "No, I think I've covered everything" and miss a critical opportunity to make one final lasting impression. The question isn't just a formality - it's your chance to reiterate your interest, emphasize your unique qualifications, and demonstrate your self-awareness about why you're truly the ideal candidate.

Preparing for this question is just as important as practicing responses about your background and experience. You need to be ready to summarize and articulate what differentiates you from other candidates in a clear, concise, and compelling way. An impactful answer can shape the interviewer's final takeaways about you.

The best responses are typically 1-2 minutes long and focus on highlighting very specific strengths, accomplishments, or traits that directly align with the requirements for success in the role. Perhaps you want to circle back to an example you didn't get to fully flush out earlier. Or maybe you have a unique perspective or aspiration to share about your future contributions to the company's mission.

Why Do Interviewers Ask "Do You Want to Tell Us Anything Else About Yourself?"

There are a few main reasons why interviewers commonly ask "Is there anything else you'd like to tell us about yourself?" or a similar open-ended question at the end of an interview:

  1. To give you a chance to provide additional relevant information.
    Many questions in interviews follow a structured format, so this open-ended prompt allows you to highlight anything else you feel is important about your experience, skills, or interests that may not have been fully covered.
  2. To evaluate how you handle an open-ended situation.
    This type of question reveals how well you can think on your feet and highlight your most relevant selling points concisely and persuasively without a lot of structure provided.
  3. To gauge your interest level.
    Your response allows you to reiterate your enthusiasm for the role and company one final time. A strong, thoughtful answer signals you are highly interested.
  4. To uncover any other insights about you.
    Your response can provide additional context about your personality, communication abilities, preparation level, and overall fit for the role and company culture.
  5. To give you a chance to ask any final clarifying questions.
    While not the intended purpose, some candidates use this as an opportunity to ask any remaining questions they may have.

In essence, it's an opportunity for you to make one last case for yourself as the ideal candidate. A thoughtful, focused response can make a positive final impression.

Examples: How to Answer "Do You Want to Tell Us More About Yourself?"

Based on the interviewer’s purpose for asking this question, here are some tips for giving a strong answer at the end of an interview.

Keep it concise and relevant

Don't ramble or go off on tangents. Highlight 1-2 key points that directly relate to the role.

  • Example: "I'd like to reiterate my proven skills in project management and my ability to coordinate cross-functional teams, which would be valuable assets in this position."

Reiterate your interest and fit

Use this as an opportunity to reaffirm your enthusiasm and summarize why you're the ideal candidate.

  • Example: "In closing, my background aligns perfectly with what you're looking for, and I'm extremely passionate about this opportunity with your company."

Discuss an achievement or strength

Mention a specific accomplishment or skill you didn't get to elaborate on earlier.

  • Example: "One point I didn't get to expand on is my success developing new training processes that improved productivity by 25%."

Ask an insightful question

You can turn it back with a thoughtful question that demonstrates your genuine interest.

  • Example: "I'm curious to know what the top priority would be for someone in this role over the first 3 months?"

Provide a short, polished conclusion

If you've already covered everything, simply thank them again for their time.

  • Example: "I don't have anything else to add. Thank you again for this opportunity to discuss my qualifications."

The key is to be prepared with something meaningful and practiced, but keep it focused. Use this opportunity to reinforce why you're an excellent fit.

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Mastering the response to "Do you have anything else to add about yourself?" can be the difference between leaving the interview on a high note or fizzling out at the end. This seemingly simple question packs a powerful punch as the final opportunity to sell yourself.

Don't squander it by giving a halfhearted "No, I'm all set." Have a thoughtful, concise pitch ready that concisely reiterates your distinct value and fit for the role. Highlight specific strengths or anecdotes that weren't fully explored earlier. Reiterate your passion for the company's mission. Ask an insightful question that reinforces your genuine interest.

The interview's parting impression often holds disproportionate weight in the hiring decision. By practicing a focused, impactful response to this open-ended query, you ensure the interview closes on a high note that solidifies why you deserve the job over the other candidates.

It may seem daunting to leave room for more talking points after exhaustively covering your background. However, those who embrace this final chance to articulate what differentiates them will be poised to make a sustained lasting impact that resonates long after exiting the interview room.

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